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Our Code of Conduct
« on: July 29, 2008, 06:09:09 AM »

1 - This is a Christian site, therefore, any attempt to put down Christianity and the basic tenets of our Faith will be considered a hostile act.  See our statement of faith here.

We consider Paul's writings to be part of the inspired Word of God. This is a Christian forum and any posting(s) that is intended to purposely distort Paul's writings will not be tolerated.

Active promotion of sinful behaviour will not be permitted. This includes promotion of homosexual behavior. Individual restrictions may apply on a Forum to Forum basis. Please check the announcements and sticky posts at the top of each Forum.

2 - No pornography links or photos. No vulgar sexual remarks. No foul language or symbols to suggest such remarks. This is a Christian site, and, there may be young ones on the board.

3 - No active promotion of other Faiths is allowed:

You will not post any messages; links, images or photos that promote a religion or belief other than Biblical and historical Christianity (atheism is considered a "belief" for the purposes of this rule). Discussing these doctrines are fine, as long as the beliefs are not actively promoted. This includes Universal Reconcilation and Univesal Salvation This is a Christian Forum as the name suggests.

4 - No Trolling:

You are not allowed to post anything that disrupts the peace and harmony of this forum. Don't make inflammatory remarks just to get a response. This will also include posts that put down Christianity in general or any posts considered as blasphemy by staff (this is a CHRISTIAN FORUMS site).

Included is the multiple submission of posts and topics. Please do not flood the site with one copy/paste post after another this is considered as spamming and may warrant your being banned.

5 - Respect each other's opinions. Address issues, not persons or personalities.

6 - No Bashing of other members. Give other members the respect you would want them to give yourself.

7 - Any personal problems with another member should be sorted out using private messages.

8 - No harassing members via Private Messaging. No public posting of PMs.

9 - Please keep posts down to a respectable length and provide source and/or links for your info. We want to respect copyrighted material. Plus, you stand a better chance of getting your post read if it contains a link with an excerpt from source that's relative to your point.
Refrain from all caps and bold, large fonts. Hotlinking of photos is PROHIBITED!

10- If a rule is broken, proper warning will be given to the user based on the level of infraction of the rule. Some violations are more severe and frequent than others and will be taken into consideration. It may result in banning of user or loss of some options. As a general rule, three warnings may result in suspension of account.

11 - Editing and deleting of posts is at the discretion of the Mods and Admins. Refusal of membership and suspension or termination of existing members is at the discretion of the Administrators. Openly challenging a Mod or Admin is frowned upon.

There should be a Moderator available most of the day. So feel free to ask any question(s) that you may have. (After you have read these rules and the FAQs, of course!)

We reserve the right to amend any of the above rules without notice. Be advised: It is the members responsibility to check this post for any amendments to the rules.

With all that in mind, HAPPY POSTING!