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Title: ”Credit card: Highly Useful Financial Product”
Post by: RosyPaulson on April 19, 2013, 09:44:57 AM
Credit card  is a very useful financial product for people  belonging to all sections of the society, especially for urban  residents. A feature rich credit card is generally used for shopping,  dining, and other services like insurance coverage. Credit cards are  found to be of great use in new economic order where money saving  gains supreme importance. Credit card holders prefer purchase  protection, shopping offers, rebates and cash back options despite  their income level. It is observed that intelligent and appropriate  usage of credit cards will prove fruitful in a later stage. Majority  of credit cards are linked with VISA/Master cards and they are known  for worldwide acceptance.  
VISA/Master  credit cards offer fantastic discounts, travel reward programs, cash  back options, and special hotel offers. Credit card packages are  designed keeping in mind the financial requirements, annual income  and spending habits of their customers. On time payment of credit  card amount is the best way to eliminate incurring interest rates and  service charges. Premium credit cards present attractive rewards for  travel, merchandise and other value added services. Credit card can  be used as a convenient method for shopping payment and you don’t  have to stand in long queues in shopping complexes. A credit card  saves money, unnecessary expenditures as well as time simultaneously  and what only matters is the responsible usage of card. Previously  there prevailed a feeling of avoiding credit cards at all due to  large credit card debt. Selection of credit card is dependent upon  your annual income, expenditure requirements, and repayment  capability.  
Title: Re: ”Credit card: Highly Useful Financial Product”
Post by: clark thompson on April 25, 2013, 10:15:49 AM
They are also one of the largest causes of debt