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Age and Attitude
« on: December 05, 2008, 11:25:35 AM »
Several years ago a man encountered the idea that we should live our lives in such a way that when we die even the undertaker will be sorry that we are gone!

The saying is that life begins at 40. It really begins when we want it to begin!

At age 71 an agent turned down Jack Benny thinking he was washed up. Jack found another agent and fulfilled twelve million dollars more in bookings before he died at the age of 81.

Moses was 80 when he received the Law.
Aaron was 83 when he began to perform miracles and plagues in Egypt.
Joshua was 85 when he led Israel into the promised land.

Will Durant sold a series of television programs at the ripe young age of 91.
Frank Lloyd Wright created the magnificent Guggenheim Museum at 89.
Colonel Sanders was in his 60s when he sold his first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.

A University of Wisconsin study says that if we are physically well, and keep active as we get older, we can enjoy people, laugh at ourselves, and get as much out of life at 90 as we could when we were 40!

What, Not When
Some time ago the United Technologies Corporation published in the Wall Street Journal a full-page message entitled, "It's What You Do, Not When You Do It." The message contained a listing of many eagle-like people who soared at various ages in their lives.

Golda Meir was 71 when she became Prime Minister of Israel.

William Pitt II was 24 when he became Prime Minister of Great Britain.

George Bernard Shaw was 94 when one of his plays was first produced.

Mozart was just 7 when his first composition was published.

Now, how about this? Benjamin Franklin was a newspaper columnist at 16 and a framer of the United States Constitution when he was 81.

You are never too young or too old if you have talent. Let us recognize that age has little to do with ability-and, age has NOTHING to do with dreams and determination and vision.


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Re: Age and Attitude
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This is cool.