Author Topic: Deception: The Pope, a Hero of Faith  (Read 714 times)

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Deception: The Pope, a Hero of Faith
« on: May 31, 2017, 09:04:56 AM »
I attended a ”Toronto blessing” seminar in Turku (a town in Finland) in the mid-1990s. I did not regard the “Toronto blessing” to be biblical, which is why I was there to try and test what its foundation was. When I was at the meeting, I sensed very powerfully how the Holy Spirit talked to me and said “Catholic spirit” – thus stating that the messengers of the “Toronto blessing” were also conveying the impact of Catholicism.

[/size]Later on, I understood more of what God told me in Turku. The Toronto blessing is one segment and sub-root that emerged from the charismatic movement of the 1960s in the United States. At that time, “spiritual gifts” also started to operate more actively in the Roman Catholic church. The charismatic movement within the Catholic church did not rid the church of its unbiblical doctrines. Instead, even this day, charismatic Catholics continue to believe that the pope is infallible, that Mary reconciled their sins and that they are saved through a sacrament (water baptism), etc. It is obvious that the spirit within the Catholic church in the 1960s was not the Spirit of God because the Holy Spirit leads to all truth and never promotes and strengthens lies and deception, and never leaves people entangled in lies. Instead, the Holy Spirit sets people free from the lies by telling them what is true.

[/size]The Jesuits of the Catholic church have conceived the third force movement, i.e. the charismatic movement, an open pathway to all Protestants who approve of the charismatic movement – a movement driven by the catholic spirit which makes people approve of Catholicism and to also join the Catholic church. That is why Jesuits of the Catholic church have infiltrated to every Christian charismatic movement, denomination and churches. The goal of this is to – through ecumenism – to create the global church movement, led by the Pope.

[/size]Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of the Bethel church, and Kris Vallotton is senior assistant pastor of the Bethel Church. On his website, Kris Vallotton posted a text (on 13 June 2016) about his meeting with pope Franciscus. Kris Vallotton is involved in the extreme charismatic movement based and rooted in “spiritual gift” activity conveyed by Jesuits. The Holy Spirit is not there at all – but a demonic spirit and the kundalini power.