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Title:   How to promote your business
Post by: GregoryGeslani on March 25, 2011, 10:13:46 AM
  In  this era of tough competition, serious efforts should be taken by a  web  design firm  to be successful. As there are numerous web design firms out there,  the audience should have some special reason to choose you. They  should understand that you are unique and the services you provide  are better than others. Let them know that your services can help  them to enhance and build their online business.
An  exclusive portfolio page is an important factor for business  promotion. It should contain all of your best works along with a link  to the site so that users may visit it and experience every feature  in detail. Also include information about your contribution in making  the business a success. This will give the customer an idea about  your attitude towards the work you undertake and will create a good  impression in their mind.
The  content which you upload to a site is of great importance. The  content should be precise, reliable and should exhibit a clear view  about the business, products and services of your company to the  viewers. Make them feel that your services can help their business to  achieve greater levels.
Provide  a testimonials section consisting of testimonials of previous  clients. Also conclude a comments section where the customers can  share their views and requirements with you. Introducing a blog would  be an innovative idea to keep the audience updated with the regular  changes coming in your industry, products and services. By reading  the comments, you can also understand the customers’ requirements  and serve them better.
Creating  a social presence in Social Networking websites like Face book,  Twitter etc is a great marketing strategy. This gives you an  opportunity to interact with users on an informal basis and gain  valuable information about your industry and the nature of your  clients. Using Search Engine Optimization will further increase your  online visibility and brings heavy traffic inflow.

Title: Re:   How to promote your business
Post by: galtonconley on August 16, 2011, 07:23:11 AM
Can you provide some more information regarding  how to promote business.